Cabin Air Filters

The cabin air filter is a key component to your health as well as your passenger's health. This interior air filter purify the oxygen that is brought into your vehicle.

How Cabin Air Filters Work

Your car's air conditioning pulls oxygen from outside the vehicle. As we all are aware of the dust, pollen, and dirt floating in the air, these small particles can infiltrate the innerworkings of your air conditioning unit. What the filter does is block these elements from entering into the vehicle providing cleaner and breathable air.

The cabin air filter is made of pleated cotton or paper fibers and a flexible plastic framing. The filter media is woven tightly to block particles from getting through your AC system and eventually into your cabin. The cabin air filter is commonly located in the leg space of the passenger side dash.

Signs of a Bad Cabin Air Filter

Your interior air filters will show several signs that they need to be exchanged. You can pull the air filter out to visually inspect for dirt and clogging. You may also experience foul odors within the cabin. This is because the filter is likely soggy with moisture. If you encounter any of these symptoms, seek replacement cabin filters by Land Rover through our online store.

Why Choose OEM Cabin Air Filters for Land Rover

Genuine cabin air filters for your vehicle are important aspects for your health and interior comfort. Cabin air filters can retail at $50 to $100 at your local dealership. However, on our online Land Rover Parts store, you can save up to 35% off on select filter parts.

Find Genuine Air Filter for Your Land Rover Cabin

Find affordable air filters for Land Rover through our online parts store. We ship auto parts and accessories fast with our nationwide shipping and will have your order at your doorstep before you know it. If you have questions, let's chat about it. Reach out on our contact page.

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